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How it Works

Offered at no cost to employers and with no monthly membership fee to employees, myWORKPERKS is a simple, cost-effective, high impact program. To secure myWORKPERKS for your team, simply complete the myWORKPERKS enrollment form and send us an excel spreadsheet with employee information. We will then mail a welcome letter and membership cards to everyone on your roster. It’s that easy!


 myWORKPERKS is easy for your company & packs a lot of value for your employees. To participate, simply complete an enrollment form. We’ll take care of the rest.


myWORKPERKS benefits are continuously enhanced, regularly updated and posted for members to see at


myWORKPERKS offers great benefits for employers, employees, and their families regardless of company size, or employee age.


myWORKPERKS is a benefits program that has numerous advantages. myWORKPERKS has no monthly membership fee, and offers substantial annual savings for employees and their families.

How does

In a recent study, nearly 60% of employees said they would be more loyal to their employer if offered great benefits. Now you can with myWORKPERKS. Best of all, participation is free: No cost to you or your employees.

Employee Benefits
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Reward Employees

myWORKPERKS is a meaningful benefit that delivers value and empowers employees to care for their well-being. myWORKPERKS is yet another way to show employees that you care. They’ll appreciate you for it.

Increase Productivity

When vision and eye health suffer, the results can be profound. Poor eye health is associated with increased absenteeism, increased accidents, increased errors and decreased focus. With myWORKPERKS, employees have every reason to get regular exams and attend to their eyecare needs. Happy eyes support productive lives.

Manage Costs

There can be a link between eye disease and other conditions in the body. Getting annual eye exams and timely eyecare may increase awareness of the possibility of undiagnosed health issues.